about me: 
When I was younger, I was told that I spend too much time daydreaming. I'd always be looking out the window, just letting my imagination go to work, playing made up movies in my head. I still do this - only now - that imagination allows me to create compelling stories and visuals for brands, non-profits, and really - people. 
From creative direction to the editing room, I tend to operate as a one-man-machine. However, that doesn't limit the scope of projects I take on, I always enjoy bringing in extra talented friends to help out with the big stuff. 
I live in Maine and take on projects all over the world. Aside from daydreaming I enjoy spending my free time outside ski touring, whitewater kayaking, surfing, biking and fly fishing. 
Hyperlite Mountain Gear
FW Gear
Patagonia Workwear
Werner Paddles 
Brist MFG
Mount Baker Ski Area
Transition Bikes
Mt. Baker Experience
"Charged: The Eduardo Garcia Story"
Bellingham / Whatcom County Tourism
Big Love Juice
St. Lawrence University
Creative Direction 
Shooting (DP)
Campaign Development
Brand Strategy
Social Strategy

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